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The club has a basis in the long-term practice of the eponymous business

forum «India meets the World«, organized by:

      • the Embassy of the Republic of India in the Russian Federation,
      • the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
      • the Russian-Indian company Soltex Group.The

Forum has already become a platform for direct interaction between the Indian and Russian business communities, public and scientific figures, and government leaders.

The Club is a community of entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and public figures who link their activities within the framework of Russian-Indian cooperation.

The foundation of the Club is a trusting relationship between residents, built on the values of family, culture, mutual respect and common development.


      • the Institute of trust relations is the basic intangible asset of the Club
      • each resident of the Club tries to maintain trust in himself through his daily work, deeds and deeds
      • each resident deserves respect and trust by the status of his presence in the Club
      • the honest word of a resident is the highest value of the Club


      • silver (300 000 ₽)
      • gold (500 000 ₽)
      • platinum (1 000 000 ₽)


      • cases of communication
      • support of special discounts
      • development and magnification


      • have an impeccable business and professional reputation
        share the values of the Club
      • comply with the rules of the Club
        to indicate your own residence in the Club within the framework of any public events
      • to carry out decisions and instructions for Residents of the Club:
          • to act as an expert at Club events
          • provide consulting support to other residents of the Club
          • to provide privileged conditions for other residents of the Club in the case of conducting joint commercial programs and projects
      • not to conduct illegal activities
      • not to pursue goals that do not coincide with the goals of the Club

Objectives of events, programs and projects:

  • development of inter-interaction of club residents
  • personal and professional development of residents
  • increased commercial, cultural and scientific cooperation between Russia and India

Events, programs and projects:

      • open (involving the participation of third parties) and closed (only for residents of the Club)
      • general (on a wide range of issues) and thematic


Events, programs and projects are based on the professional and personal interests of residents and may be:

      1. exchange of cases of residents on the implementation of programs and projects in Russia and India;
      2. discussion of barriers to the implementation of resident programs and projects;
      3. educational events;
      4. brainstorming to find solutions.

Each event is necessarily accompanied by an intercultural agenda in the form of exhibitions of works, performances and/or master classes of cultural figures.

The purpose of cross-cultural support is to form common value and conceptual contours among residents and guests of the Club.

If you have any questions about membership in the Club, please contact the following contacts:

Postal address: Soltex Group, 127055, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya str., 14/19, room. II

Tel.: 8-499-124-24-54, 8-499-638-38-40


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